Capt Hans Schlaikier

1862 - ?

Aabenraa Søfarts Historie Apenrader Schiffahrts Chronik Captain Hans wrote Aabenraa Søfarts Historie (1929), which his grandson Hans describes as "about seafarers from Aabenraa who did not return but stayed at sea as the expression is here. They went down with their ships etc."

I also have a copy of Hans' book in German, Apenrader Schiffahrts Chronik (1929). It has the name stamp of Kapitan Erwin Kornitzer. He seems to have rebound it and added many annotations. There are also loose addenda about more accidents. Some are partially in English, as you see on the right.

The cover illustration at left is signed "Nissen". I wonder if this was Age Nissen, a painter related to the Schlaikier family (or perhaps his father Anton, who may be the husband of Marie Schlaikier, Captain Hans' sister). This is guesswork based on the genealogy.

When cousin Hans showed my family around Aabenraa, he included the museum, which I think had several connections with Captain Hans, including the head of a moose he shot. I am awaiting some elaboration on this.

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