EPS Review #14 - Spares

by Michael Marshall Smith

Sci Fi

Bought at airport, read on plane. I'd heard of it from a friend quite some time ago, but when reading about it on Amazon, it seemed people thought Only Forward now back in print) was better, so I read that. It *is* better. But I enjoyed reading "Spares", too -- it had plenty of forward momentum, though the main character is the ususal oh-so-tough-yet-burnt-out cyberpunk hero, and everyone else is a sidekick or bad guy or dead. MMS's unique gift seems to be creepy dream effects, done very well in "Only Forward", and also important here.

Scott wrote: Check out England, England by Julian Barnes. Most of the book is a pretty funny romp; the ending is bit slow, but what the heck.

I worked for someone just like "Sir Jack" in this book, so it hit home for me.