EPS Review #17 - Southern Seas

By Manuel Montalbán 1979

P bought this mystery set in Barcelona for the trip we took there two weekends ago (paid for by work, thank you very much). She didn't read it, of course, but I did.

This writer's sleuth's (Pepe Carvalho) gimmick is that he is a gourmand and an ex-communist who is so jaded with life that he is using his library in his fireplace. The references to food are fun -- I wanted to note down the Spanish wines he recommended. There's plenty of violence, but at the same time there are plenty of intellectual and literary references. There is so much easy sex for Pepe that it is almost embarrassing -- or maybe Barcelona is just a fun place to live. I would read more by this author.

Andy wrote: Actually went out and ordered this one - looked like fun (no reviews on Amazon yet).