EPS Review #32 - The Skull Mantra

by Eliot Pattison, Arrow Books, 2000

A thriller set in Tibet. It manages to portray the Chinese destruction of Tibetan culture more convincingly than any shrill pamphlet. It is a good read, you hurry forward to see what happens. Good cynicism, and evocative Tibetan details. Like most thrillers, once you finish it the plot seems a bit weak. But it left me wanting to know all the cool hand mudras!

My mother wrote: Some cool hand mudras can be found in Sabrina Mesko's book called Healing Mudras. However, compared to Cielle Tewksbury, who teaches them at the Labyrinth Society's worship, I prefer Cielles. I have a video of her work from the last meeting and you can order it still if you want. Let me know if you want the address.