EPS Review #114 - The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, bloomsbury 2003, 324pp.

My parents really liked this, and I think it is set as our next book-club book. But this time my review is couched in a travelogue about my solo trip to the Auvergne. Hope you like it!

Ravi wrote: so that's where you've been.

Tim wrote: Great travelogue. After hearing about the tough bits, I'm regretting my absence less. Agreed with your ok-ish reaction to Kite Runner.

Gavin wrote: sounds great (although i would have starved and don't like walking). couldn't parse the "engadez" thread..

I replied: I think those four guys hooting and hollering in the remote valley were just trying to corral their cattle to some other far pasture, as the udder-kicking farmers were doing closer to town. Remember that this "wilderness" is in reality grazing-land. I thought you would eat steak & chips?

Gavin replied: yeah, steak and chips is fine. but not bloody coq au vin, and ham &c. couldn't translate engadez

I replied: I could not translate it either. It was either cow-shooing nonsense words or I heard it wrong.

Nic wrote: Just finished this one. Excellent book. He writes in a dispassionate way - something to do with English as a second language me thinks - and this gives it tremendous power. It works as a piece of fiction, great characterisation i.e. you really feel strongly about the various players, but also as an insight (shocking) into the recent history of Afganistan.

I replied: I am very much in the minority so far in disliking it