Prague 2007

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Charles Bridge skullPatricia on Charles BridgePatricia eating soup in bread (Blue Duck)Mystic Eye on way to castleErich with Beer near Castle
Fowl DeedPrague Cathedral and CastleStained GlassStone CarvingWine Shop in Town
At a Beer HallPickled SausageHead CheesesVenus in the Natural History MuseumElephant Shrew
More PretzelsMirror MazeFamous ClockPatricia at V ZátišíErich at V Zátiší

While our children were at friends' or Scout Camp, Patricia and I went to Prague (stayed at the Thalia). What should we see on an island in the Vltava but Czech's the 100th anniversary celebration. It was low-key in a low-key city, where many people were paddling about in the river, since it was roasting hot.

I enjoyed the Natural History Museum, which had lots of fossil plants.

Showing that geocaching is not just for the kids, we visited the Bridge Cache and the Panorama cache but failed to find the Fane cache.

The Fringe Festival was on, and P chatted to her high school friend Scott Capurro. I did not, because I had had a brain lapse and was waiting outside some restaurant.

I ate a lot of duck and cabbage, starting at the Blue Duck, which was pretty good. The best was Bellevue. Bellevue's sister restaurant V Zátiší was not quite as nice, and more of a businessman's place.

I visited several antiquarian book shops but found nothing. We did not get to a quilt shop, but P did buy some crystal beads. We went to a guitar concert, that was unexceptional. And we took a river tour, that was disappointingly short -- we did not see much new from what we had seen on foot.

At the airport, I had a few koruna left. Not enough for a candy bar, or a coke, but enough for a large beer! You can see why Prague is popular with students and stag parties.

And at home, it was fun to hear the kids chatter nonstop about how they had to evacuate their campsite on an island in the Thames, because the rain made the river rise several feet.

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